Phasco Health’s programs and information are designed to teach life skills. It is not therapy. The facilitators of the program are not doctors or therapists. People who are emotionally or mentally unstable are not suitable for this program. The facilitators of the program are coaches, and as coaches, will offer suggestions and options based on their own lives and experiences, both personal and professional. They will work with you to help you identify solutions to your problems, but any decision about a course of action is yours and yours alone. You accept full responsibility for such decisions. You agree to carefully evaluate the consequences of various options, and decide accordingly. Phasco Health, nor its facilitators, make any representation, or warranty to you that any of the coaching methods, sessions, or activities will work for your particular circumstances. 
 I need to Quit Smoking!
Am I taking too many medications?
I need to lose weight fast!
I need to improve every area!
 Grow Closer in Your Relationships
Our 6 Session Relationship Growth Coaching Package will bring you and your partner closer by examining the issues holding you back from being a team. These private coaching sessions allow you and your spouse the opportunity to communicate openly about your fears, struggles and miscommunications without judgement.   

 Find Happiness through Living on Purpose
Removing the negative beliefs you are hanging on to will create a pathway to your inner happiness. Let me show you how to bring more joy and fulfillment into your life.
 Create a Super Healthy Body and Mind while Enjoying Real Food
 Learn how decreasing the stress in your body leads to easier weight loss, better sleep and more energy. The Phasco Health Nutrition program takes a whole body approach to creating the healthiest you possible.  We start by addressing your relationship with food and work to eliminate the negative beliefs that are holding you back from success.  Our goal is to make you the CEO of your health.
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